Beauty Boost Selfie Editor – Retouch your Selfies to Perfection!

Beauty Boost Selfie Editor for iOS

Want your selfies to look like they belong in a magazine? Now you can, with the help of the Beauty Boost selfie editor!

Beauty Boost is a selfie editor that provides powerful and easy to use photo editing tools that are great for simple touch ups or dramatic makeovers. With just a few swipes, you can smooth your skin, remove wrinkles and pimples, resize body parts, whiten teeth, adjust skin tone, change hair and eye color, apply makeup, add filters and more. All of the photo editing effects look natural and very realistic.

Beauty Boost Selfie Editor - Before and After

Easy to Use Selfie Editor Interface

The clean and simple user interface makes it very easy to apply, erase, undo, and redo your edits. It includes a slider control that can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of each effect. This helps prevent you from overdoing an effect, which is one of the most common portrait retouching mistakes.

Instructional Video Tutorials

The selfie editor also comes with great video tutorials that show you how to use the app. The videos are great for learning how to apply the most popular selfie retouching effects. Want to show off your curves by making your butt bigger? No problem! The tutorial video shows how simple it is to give yourself the best butt on Instagram!

Apply Stylish Filters and Effects

There are also other fun photo editing effects included in the app to add photo filters, blur backgrounds, adjust colors, and sharpen details. You can use the color tools to create a “color splash” effect (selective colorization). This effect will give your photos a pop of color and make them stand out from the crowd on social media!

Retouch selfies like a pro, without a costly subscription!

Beauty Boost is a fantastic app for retouching and editing photos. There are tons of apps to touch up selfies, but they are often difficult to use and require an expensive app subscription. Some apps even use misleading tactics to trick users into signing up for expensive and recurring plans! Beauty Boost beats the competition by providing an easy to use interface, and complete access to all of the most popular photo editing tools without an expensive subscription! 

Download the Beauty Boost Selfie Editor from the App Store, and start editing your photos like a professional!

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