Skin Tanner: Your Passport to Flawless Skin in Photos!

This innovative app offers the ultimate solution for video and photo editing, focusing on skin tone and tan adjustments.

Elevate your photos and videos to perfection with Skin Tanner, your trusted app for ideal skin enhancement. Our user-friendly app lets you effortlessly achieve a flawless tan, smooth skin, and an even tone in just a few taps. Whether it’s a selfie or a full-body shot, Skin Tanner delivers stunning results.


  • Quick skin selection for easy editing.
  • Adjustable tan strength for your ideal look.
  • Smooth out imperfections for a flawless finish.
  • Achieve even skin tone effortlessly.
  • Add a radiant glow for a stunning look.
  • Ready to transform your images? Download Skin Tanner now and showcase your best look!


    Skin Tanner ranks in Top Charts in U.S. App Store!

    The Skin Tanner app achieved a #19 ranking for the Photo & Video (paid) category, and #70 Overall for all (paid) categories in the App Store!

    With Skin Tanner, you can get the perfect skin tan in your photos easily! Simply select the areas of your face & body that you’d like to tan, and then adjust the strength of the tan. Give yourself a light tan, or a dark glowing tan that looks like you spent the day at an exotic island!

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    The Teeth Whitener app helps dentists promote teeth whitening procedures by allowing patients to see themselves with a brighter smile.

    OptiLocal recently published an article that provides dentists with creative tips and strategies to improve their online visibility. The article describes 17 different ways to use social media and mobile apps to optimize a dental practice’s marketing strategy. One method discusses how dentists can share useful dental mobile apps, such as Teeth Whitener, to convince patients to get teeth whitening treatment. Dentists can use the app to show their patients how they would look with a whiter, brighter smile. Check out the article linked below to read more about the creative marketing strategies from OptiLocal!